College of Metaphysics

Since its inception, we have envisioned the campus in southern Missouri, where the School of Metaphysics started. In the country, away from already established metro areas, land is plentiful for growth and expansion. We can cooperate with nature in our design and building.

We have known the campus will center around a large pyramid, a scale version of the Great Pyramid at Giza, whose form naturally collects and disseminates energies that we will then receive and channel for productive uses. Around the pyramid will be geodesic domes in clusters of three that will house students and their teacher. This has been the dream from the beginning. It is the dream today.

In 1982, the first manifestation of the dream reached the material world with the purchase of over 700 acres of paradise in southwest Missouri just north of Branson. Rolling hills, mountain cliffs, riverbanks, wooded areas, natural springs, here you are in the presence of nature, creation and its Creator. We awaken to the bright chirps of cardinals and go to sleep to the tree frogs’ lullaby. Deer and wild turkey have their times and seasons for daily treks across the campus. And for every tree cut and put to use, at least 10 new ones are planted. We share the land with life forms native to this area. It is community in the fullest sense of the word.  Meditations are rich here.

– from Spiritual Renaissance available at the Bookstore

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