Our Vision

The Ideal of the School of Metaphysics is to aid any individual willing to put forth the effort to become a Whole, Functioning Self, not dependent on any person, place, or thing for peace, contentment and security. The Purpose of the School of Metaphysics is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by  ushering in Intuitive, Spiritual Man.  The Activity of the School of Metaphysics is teaching teachers.  The School of Metaphysics teaches adults how to develop their full potential through cultivating ten essential life skills: self respect, undivided attention, concentration, listening, memory, reasoning, intuition, breath, and entrainment.  

The coursework includes learning how to meditate, to understand and interpret dreams,  principles of permanent healing, how to visualize, how to re-energize mind and body  through understanding life force energies and chakras, and how to align with Universal  Law and Truth.